Wooden flower container for beads with needle magnet mandala decor


When you imagine a bead organizer, you can hardly imagine that the bead tray can be not only multifunctional but also beautiful. Our bead is made of high-quality plywood, which surely destroys this stereotype! This bead supply storage has everything you need for this. In this wood organizer, you can see alots sections for embroidery storage. Each petal of this wood flower bead box is decorated with stunning patterns. Also in this art supply storage, you can find a small needle magnet. This bead box has a lid. Our organizer tray with a plastic lid is a perfect tool for bead storage and organization. This beautiful container box with compartments can be used not only as a regular organizer, but also as a display case due to the transparent cover. This wood box will become a stunning bead embroidery gift or jewelry making gift. The person who will receive this bead organizer will be very happy with this gift and will use it with pleasure.


If you need a high-quality bead organizer, but you want this product to be not only practical but also beautiful, then you are in the right place! Our bead storage is made from high-quality plywood. We made this jewelry making storage in the form of a wooden flower. This form is very fortunate for making an excellent container for beads. You will be able to lay out the bead in each petal of this flower, as in the center of this wooden organizer for beads. Sort the beads according to color, shape, size, or any other parameters. Jewelry sorting will turn into a fascinating occupation with our bead container because you can give your color to each petal! The petals themselves are 6, the middle of the flower is slightly larger in size. Also on top, you can see a small needle magnet. This is a very simple and elegant solution to the problem of permanent needle loss. By creating a bead container, we were inspired by Indian patterns. Therefore, this bead storage received a piece of mandala decor, which positively affected its appearance. If you have an acquaintance who works with beads, and to whom you are looking for a good gift, then consider that you have already found it. This bead organizer is a wonderful beadwork gift. Also, it will suit those who make jewelry from beads. This will be an excellent jewelry making a gift, which will definitely take its place in the room in which the person is engaged in handmade.


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