Cat shaped bead storage organizer


Size: 11.5×18 cm / 4.5×7.0 in
Weight: 0.07 kg
Material: plywood


Wooden bead sorting tray with cover, beading organizer, bead embroidery case, seed bead storage box, craft board, wood compartment container
This beautiful and practical wooden bead sorting tray with transparent plastic cover will simplify considerably your bead embroidery process. You can not only sort out the seed beads on this craft board, but also storage them directly in the case without fearing the beads to mix up or spill. This beading organizer box can be carried in the bag, dropped or turned upside down. And the built in magnet will help you to fix the needle while not using it. Besides, our wood compartment containers have a fancy design that makes them both useful and stylish tool.


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