Bead lady bug organizer with needle magnet


When you imagine a bead organizer, you can hardly imagine that the bead tray can be not only multifunctional but also beautiful. Our bead is made of high-quality plywood, which surely destroys this stereotype! This bead supply storage has everything you need for this. In this wood organizer, you can see alots sections for embroidery storage. Each petal of this wood flower bead box is decorated with stunning patterns. Also in this art supply storage, you can find a small needle magnet. This bead box has a lid.


If you want your bead organizer to be not only practical to use, but also beautiful, then we have something for you. This wood ladybug beads storage, made of high-quality plywood, will exactly satisfy everyone who deals with the beadwork craft. In this bead container, you can see the two big branches, which you can fill with beads according to your preferences. This wooden container is exactly useful for those who are engaged in beadwork making. In this bead craft accessory, among other things, there is a needle magnet, a simple solution to the problem of an eternally lost needle. Our beadwork accessory has the advantage that it is very beautiful, practical, does not take up much space, but is also made of natural materials. If you are looking for a gift for someone who is engaged in a beadwork craft or creating jewelry, then this bead tray will become an excellent jewelry making a gift. Hardly you could ever think that you will present to a person a bead organizer because they are often made of plastic and not very attractive. Well, our wood bead container in the shape of a ladybug is definitely not a shame to present to someone. We want to note that this is not the only bead organizer you can find in our store. We produce many such containers for beads, which are as high-quality as this one. In each of them a different number of available sections for beads, as well as each organizer has a different shape. Lions, owls, flowers, as well as many other things! We will be happy if you can find that bead tray, which is perfect for you. We are waiting for your orders!


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