Bead cactus jewellery organizer

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If you work with beads, then our bead organizer will definitely come in handy! Usually, bead containers are made of plastic, they can fulfill their purpose well, but they are not attractive. Our oval wood tray is made of high-quality plywood, and it is absolutely not that. Our wooden bead box is really high-quality bead storage. In this wooden organizer for beads, you can see 5 sections for sorting the beads, each has its own size, and you can sort your beads the way you need them. This bead tray has a lot of mandala ornaments, which add a piece of Indian culture to our bead container. You can also see here a small needle magnet that will not allow your needle to get lost after you’ve worked it. This oval bead organizer will be a wonderful beadwork gift for those who are engaged in manual embroidery, and a wonderful jewelry making a gift for those who create jewelry. If you want to see what bead trays we can offer you, please go to the link below. We created many different bead organizers, which differ in form, number of sections and size. But they are united by the fact that they are all made with great diligence and love for what we are doing. If you found something that interested you, write to us, we will be very glad to receive your orders.


If you do a beadwork craft, then you need a high-quality bead organizer. By a lucky coincidence, we have exactly this! Pay attention to this container for beads in a form of a wood cactus! This bead case will satisfy the most sophisticated jewelry maker! Our case for beads can accommodate a variety of beads, which will differ in color, size or other parameters. In this wood case, you can see 8 different sections for storage of beads. In this bead tray, you can also find a small needle magnet that will not allow you to lose your needle after you’ve worked. This wood container will be an excellent jewelry making a gift for someone who creates jewelry, or beadwork gift for those who are engaged in manual embroidery. If you want to look at our other bead boxes, please go to the link that you can find from the bottom. Every wood container for beads that we make is a small piece of art that will help you in your work. You will be able to put your wood container in the room where you work, and it will please your eyes. This cactus bead box is an excellent example of our products, and if you already wanted it, write to us, we will be happy to help you with your order!



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Weight 3.5 oz
Dimensions 7 × 6 × 0.3 in

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  1. esmahayalozdemir

    I can easily get the beads with a needle.

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