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Embroidery is a hand craft that decorates fabric or other materials using thread or a needle. There are various materials in this art such as pearls and beads. Usually in this work hats, coats, blankets, shirts, jeans, dresses, socks and golf shirts are decorated. There are also a wide variety of yarn and yarn colors available.

 Today, the basic techniques of this art are chain stitch, blanket stitch, running stitch, satin stitch, cross stitch. The fabrics and threads used in the traditional process vary according to the place used. Wool, linen and silk have been used for both fabric and yarn for many years. Today, embroidery thread is produced from wool, linen and silk along with cotton, artificial silk. Ribbon embroidery is a process used to create floral motifs. Chain stitching is the most economical among expensive yarns in surface techniques.

It should be taken into consideration which technique will be efficient and robust for the embroidery organizer. However, it is important to know various techniques for the floss organizer. Thus, in this work, various motifs can be produced with different techniques and presented to customers. The presence of various motifs and a careful organization in this job helps the job to be at the desired level.