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Lonjew is an American brand that you can use in your home and industrial areas especially producing and marketing general purpose creative storage boxes and trays. The products produced by Lonjew must be art related. In the product portfolio, you can see carefully prepared artistic wooden storage trays, plastic boxes offering useful and specific features, and accessories prepared for use next to storage trays. If you need a storage solution in your home or office, you should definitely visit lonjew. General purpose solutions we prepare for storage are prepared by adding art to other traditional methods.

We also sell products in American, Russian, Ukrainian, Turkish culture.

Lonjew provides free shipping to almost every country in the world with its amazon store. It is possible to deliver to USA, Canada, Mexico and European countries in a very short time.

Please take a look around and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, comments, or orders.

  • Turkey Office: +90 541 622 11 72
  • Ukraine Fabric: +380 66 146 38 00
  • USA Office: +1 803 994 98 88
  • Ukraine Adres: Mironosickaya street, 93, Apt 5 Kharkiv, Kharkivs’ka oblast, Ukrayna, 61023
  • Mail: