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Our New Model Lovely Bead Organizers

Hi, Customers,

Our new creation new bead organizer model in stock. Holiday season we are designed for our customers unbeliavable design wooden bead organizer and embroidery floss organizers. You can see some of favorite models below. Lets use it. New models will be awesome for your worktable art.

New Model Bead Organizer with transparent cover magnet lid

New model embroidery floss organizer thread sorter.

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Embroidery is a hand craft that decorates fabric or other materials using thread or a needle. There are various materials in this art such as pearls and beads. Usually in this work hats, coats, blankets, shirts, jeans, dresses, socks and golf shirts are decorated. There are also a wide variety of yarn and yarn colors available.

 Today, the basic techniques of this art are chain stitch, blanket stitch, running stitch, satin stitch, cross stitch. The fabrics and threads used in the traditional process vary according to the place used. Wool, linen and silk have been used for both fabric and yarn for many years. Today, embroidery thread is produced from wool, linen and silk along with cotton, artificial silk. Ribbon embroidery is a process used to create floral motifs. Chain stitching is the most economical among expensive yarns in surface techniques.

It should be taken into consideration which technique will be efficient and robust for the embroidery organizer. However, it is important to know various techniques for the floss organizer. Thus, in this work, various motifs can be produced with different techniques and presented to customers. The presence of various motifs and a careful organization in this job helps the job to be at the desired level.

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Embroidery Organizer

There are materials necessary for organizing the embroidery in an organized manner. This requires space for consumables and a clean and safe stitch. There are bags and kits designed for this. However, you can make these materials yourself. There are also many patterns and tutorials to choose from for the embroidery organizer. These are materials that manufacturers can make as well as paid.

 Floss organizer sewing operations are carried out by means of a computerized handicraft machine using digitized patterns with today’s handicraft and handicraft software. In machine processing, different types of “fillings” create texture and design air for the finished work. The machine is handcrafted, can be preferred to add logos and monograms to work shirts or jackets, gifts and suit garments, and to decorate home textiles, drapery and decorator fabrics that mimic the detailed handwork of the past.

 There has also been an improvement in free hand machine hand embroidery, new machines have been created that allow the user to create free-motion embroidery, which takes place in textile arts, quilting, tailoring, home furnishing and more. Users can choose embroidery software to digitize their digital hand embroidery designs. This digitized design is then transferred to the hand embroidery machine with the aid of a flash drive, and then the embroidery machine transfers the selected design to the fabric.

 In recent years, there has been an exponential growth in hand-made popularity. As a result of visual social media like Pinterest and Instagram, artists can share their work more extensively with other people, inspiring younger generations to buy needles and threads. Contemporary embroidery artists believe that the popularity of hand embroidery has increased as a result of increased convenience and digital disconnection practices. Besides technological advances and social media, people are more aware of the need for digital detox and hand embroidery.

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Embroidery Floss

The embroidery thread used in hand embroidery consists of mercerized cotton embroidery thread consisting of 6 separate threads or plies. Any number of threads can be used in the needle depending on the desired thickness of the thread or the pattern instructions. You can embroider organizer with many different shapes of thread, but embroidery thread is one of the most basic and therefore one of the most popular threads. Although the price varies by brand and region, it is relatively cheap, and you can use any color you may need. Dental floss is widely preferred for surface embroidery, needle painting using long and short stitching or satin stitching, cross stitching and counted yarn techniques.

 Most embroidery threads are made to be colorless. However, it is important to check before starting a project. If you test on an example and the colors work, you can create the colors by vinegar or some other method. Brands have different packaging methods. However, hank is the most popular one. Dental floss skeins are typically created so that you can pull out one end of the thread and remove as much as you need while keeping the rest of the strawberry intact. Towing jaws of brands may vary. So look for the tip that comes out and pull it gently. It should come easily, if not, look for the other loose tip and try. Some stitches consider it appropriate to separate the freckles and transfer them to floss organizer coils or other storage methods. When separating strands with a cut floss length, take the number of threads you want to use and slowly pull them out of the other strands. After separating them, let the floss be free and opened.

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Bead Organizer


Beadwork is an art of decoration that results from sewing small beads together with needles and threads. The most important of the beaded weaving materials is the beads themselves. Bead patterns, which type, shape or size are used, ensure the quality of this work. However, besides beads, there are many different materials.

 Bead needles, one of the most important materials used in this work, are different from sewing or other needles. Bead eyes are narrower and thinner. Thus, this structure helps the beads to pass through the small holes without any problems. There are bead needles and various sizes, styles and brands of materials to choose from. The sizes of bead needles are usually indicated by a number. The larger the bead number, the narrower the bead needle. Bead needles number 10, number 11 and number 12 are the most popular numbers for bead weaving.

Therefore, the bead storage feature is important in the availability of bead materials. In this case, there are materials used to solve the problems that arise. Also, when it is desired to sell the beads produced for the bead organizer immediately, cooperation and organization can be provided with experienced enterprises. This troublesome job is an easy business to achieve the desired results with the necessary care and attention.