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Bead Storage


Beadwork is a fun and enjoyable job. It is essential to have the necessary materials to be organized in this job. It is always difficult to find the materials needed. To this end, a procured material should be provided. Bead sorting and arrangement is important for this job. Bead storage containers are a good solution for organizing the bead collection.

 A bead organizer box is recommended for good bead storage. These boxes have different sizes. These boxes, which help hide their beads, should be tightly closed. Otherwise there is a danger that the beads will fall to the ground and get lost.

However, pill boxes are one of the great solutions for bead storage. These boxes are similar to bead organizer boxes. These boxes have separate compartments and tight lids. These are usually small in size and can be carried anywhere. Alternatively, beads can be stored in individual jobs alternatively. Stackable jars are a cost-effective solution for beads. These jars are screwed to each other from the top and bottom. Such bead storage containers are ideal because they are both visible and easily accessible. It is a perfect solution for small bead processes. The bead containers mentioned for the bead organizer play an important role in the complete and good way of doing this.

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Beadwork And Bead Storage Solutions

  Many people work on jewelry and design in many parts of the world. most of us are far from the field of jewelry and design, but many women and artisans are turning handmade products into art. Beads and jewelery production are completely hand-made products. therefore we need a product that can be organized for the separation of precious stones and small pieces to be used for design.

Traditional bead and jewelry organizers are made of plastic and have nothing to do with art. This is the way of production. In many areas, these products are cheap and produced without thinking about the needs of the artist, it’s like dropping a drop of black ink on a white sheet of paper. We decided to offer special methods for the artist to perform his art.

Our products bring a new perspective to traditional bead and jewelry storage solutions. Bead artists will be able to store their beads more easily and simply while performing their art. Because there are many advantages of our product.

1. Transparent cover

2. Needle holder magnet

3. Detachable featured cover

4. Wood and natural 5. A lot of artistic customizable shapes

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Assorted Bead Storage Tray

You need a tray to store the various beads. You can sort your beads according to their color and size with assorted bead storage tray and various bead storage tray. You can purchase various bead trays from our website to manage your bead business. We can deliver it to your door in a short time.

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Bead Storage Solutions

With Lonjew bead storage solutions, you can easily make your bead processing projects. With our bead organizer you can sort your beads according to their color. Our carefully prepared and designed artistic bead organizers that you can store according to their dimensions offer you convenience and solution in your bead works.

You can buy our products directly from our website or you can also visit our Amazon store. America, Canada, Turkey, Ukraine, living in areas such cargo can capture the opportunity for our customers faster.

Lonjew Amazon Store Bead Organizer Shop

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Bead Organizer Flower Shaped For Beadwork Project

Our bead organizers have a plastic cap and a magnetic magnet to hold the needle. With this flower-shaped bead organizer, you can store your beads and prevent them from mixing.

If you want to buy our bead organizer you can visit our AMAZON store. We make cargo all over the world. You can also buy this bead organizer directly from our website. you can find the links below.

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Flower pot shaped bead organizer

Do you want to buy from our bead organizers? If you are doing beadwork, would you like a work accessory united with art on your desk? This wonderful bead organizer is a perfect helper for your small projects, saving you time in your bead business.

If you want to buy this bead organizer our amazon shop you can buy this link

If you want to buy this bead organizer our web site you can buy this link